IFC Launches New Website

Posted on: October 2nd, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

Our new website IFCfencing.org is live. It is designed to give visitors a straightforward, easy-to-navigate view at IFC and provide members with latest club news and a picture gallery of member activities. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Send your comments to News@IFCfencing.org

Initial site content was put together by Bob Baldwin with significant photo and video input by Sammie Doro’s older sister Alix Doro and Larry Grazian. Future content will depend on member support. We will need photos of IFC members in fencing venues for the Gallery section of the website and tournament results and fencing related stories for the News section. Photos should be as large as possible for clear reproduction on the screen (pictures emailed from phone cameras are often too small to be used.) Email stories and photos to News@IFCfencing.org.

Site design and construction was carried out by John Siepl, Sips Web Design.