IFC senior epee team 4th in Anaheim

Posted on: July 8th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

IFC’s lead epee team (Misha Heber, Gabe Weininger, Maciek Zmyslowski) placed 4th in the Senior Team Men’s Epee event at the 2012 Summer Nationals in Anaheim, CA. Seeded 10 of 45 teams, it defeated LA International FC B 45-39, LA International FC A 45-40, and Twin Cities FC 45-40 before losing 30-45 to 2nd place Ligonier FC fromPennsylvania.

Also competing in Anaheim were another IFC senior men’s epee team (Sasha Heber, John Lartz, David Zeko) finishing 37th, IFC’s  U-19 men’s epee team (Misha Heber, Sasha Heber, Gabe Weininger) finishing 35th out of 49 teams, and IFC’s Cognitive Functionaries, a veteran men’s epee team (Dick Dunlop, John Lartz, Mike Papp) finishing 15th out of 27 teams.

Epee team

IFC's senior men's epee team: Misha Heber, Gabe Weininger, Maciek Zmyslowski