Fencing Classes for Adults and Teens (Tuesday Evenings)

Fencing promotes physical and mental fitness and health, and it is fun. You can learn to fence at any age and continue as long as you like. We serve fencers from age 8 to age 80+. IFC offers an opportunity to learn what fencing is all about and try your hand at swordplay in a safe and friendly environment.

IFC’s classes and lessons can prepare you fence for recreation at the club or competitively in tournaments, which are offered in several skill levels and age levels.

Get started now and start enjoying the fun of fencing and feeling its benefits.

All fencing gear is provided. Just come with comfortable gym clothes including gym shoes only used indoors and long pants.

2020 Winter Session

Introduction to Fencing (6 - 7:15 pm) - Eight Tuesdays (from 1/14 to 3/3) The class is for adults and teens with no to minimal previous experience. Classes are taught by Andrew Stencel. We will introduce the three fencing weapons (foil, epee, and saber) and cover basic blade work and footwork. You will have group lessons, partner drilling, and free fencing. The fee is $180.

For further information about our adult program or classes, email Adult Program Director Andrew Stencel Stencel@IFCfencing.org.

Download an Adult-Teen Class registration form. It can be filled in on your computer using free Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe reader you can download the latest version here.