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Maciek Zmyslowski Wins the Burton…Again

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Bob Baldwin

Congratulations to Maciek Zmyslowski, who won the Mixed Epee event (A4 with 74 competitors) at the Burton Open October 5, 2014 at Northwestern University. It was Maciek’s forth win (2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014). Tim Glass finished 5th. Six IFC fencers placed in top 16 and another five placed in 17-32. Jakub Nowak earned a B’14 rating, while Andrew Jin has a C’14 rating now. Great job, everyone!

John Lartz Wins Purdue Epee Challenge

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by Bob Baldwin

IFC’s John Lartz captured the gold medal at the Purdue Epee Challenge September 6 in West Lafayette, IN. He was undefeated in the first round of pools and out scored his second round direct elimination opponents 60-40, renewing his A rating in the process. John, a nationally ranked veteran epee fencer,  teaches beginning and intermediate fencing classes for adults  Monday and Tuesday evenings at IFC.

IFC Update Newsletter Fall 2013

Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by Bob Baldwin

IFC Epee Team 2013 National Champions

Our senior epee team made up of Maciek Zmyslowski, Misha Heber, Gabe Weininger, and Sasha Heber, won the senior team men’s epee event at the 2013 USA Fencing National Championships in Columbus, Ohio.  This is the first senior team epee title won by an Illinois team since the gold medal won by the IFC senior women’s epee team in 2005.

Five more national medals were garnered by IFC members Maciek Zmyslowski, 2nd place, Division 1A Men’s Epee; Tim Glass, 3rd place, Veteran (50-59) Men’s Epee; John Lartz, 7th place, Veteran (50-59) Men’s Epee; Dave St. George, 8th place, Veteran (40-49) Men’s Epee; Sammie Doro, 8th place, Youth (14 and under) Women’s Epee.

Other members fencing at the summer nationals were Sara Antos, Bob Baldwin, Tony Coonrod, Dick Dunlop, Kathy Gaertner, AJ Mikkelson, Jakub Nowak, Misha Romanov, Dave Swanson, David Visney, Andrew Vold, J Wheeler White, and Zimo Zhu.

Special recognition goes to Coach Ina Harizanova, whose dedication and devotion to the sport of fencing, IFC, and its members made much of this possible. She has directly or indirectly influenced every one of these athletes and her drive and determination have lead to their success at these national championships.

Check out the story of our achievements in the Trib Local and take a look at some of the fun and fencing action at http://vimeo.com/70457261.


Tim Glass Earns Place on USA Veteran Team

Tim Glass received enough points from his 3rd place finish in the Veteran (50-59) Men’s Epee event to put him at the top of the list of those qualifying for the USA Veteran Epee Team. He will compete October 4 in the Veteran World Championships in Varna, Bulgaria.


2013-14 Fencing Season Tournaments

IFC will be hosting five tournaments this year — IFC Fall Open (foil, epee, saber) December 1, 2013; E & Under (foil, epee, saber) March 2, 2013, D & Under (foil, epee, saber) and Y12 March 23, 2014, Dominick Epee Challenge (Mixed, Women, Team, Y12) April 27, 2014, and Youth/Veteran tournament (foil, epee, saber) June 1, 2014. All are sanctioned by the Illinois Division of the United States Fencing Association and will operate under its Safe Sport policy. The current Illinois Division schedule is available at http://www.il-usfa.com/.


Sign Up for IFC Membership

The IFC Board has approved a modest dues increase to keep up with rising operating costs. At $225 ($115 for students), our dues remain the best fencing value in Illinois. IFC’s membership year coincides with that of USA Fencing: August 1 through July 31. Both USFA and IFC dues are payable now. The IFC membership application for the 2013-14 season can be found on the IFC website at http://www.ifcfencing.org/forms/IFC_membership_Ap13-14.pdf. USFA membership information is available on the US Fencing website at http://www.usfencing.org/page/show/698114-membership.  

With your participation and support we can look forward to another successful fencing season at IFC. I hope to see you soon,

Bob Baldwin, President

6 Medals for IFC in Columbus

Posted on: July 16th, 2013 by Bob Baldwin

Illinois Fencers Club Returns from Summer Nationals with Six Medals

The 2013 USA Fencing National Championships in Columbus, Ohio came to an end last week. The last of the 20 fencers from the Illinois Fencers Club (IFC) of Mount Prospect who participated in the event returned home on July 7th. The athletes, 12 of whom are members of the Youth Program competed in total of 22 events (one to four events per fencer), came away with six medals, including a national champion title! The best overall result the club has ever achieved. Read the full article in Trib Local.

Gold Medals for IFC Men’s Epee Team

Posted on: July 7th, 2013 by Bob Baldwin

IFC’s men’s epee team defeated the New York AC team 45-38 to place first in the Men’s Team Epee event at the 2013 USFA Summer National Championships July 7  in Columbus, OH. Seeded 5 of 37 teams, the IFC foursome (Maciek Zmyslowski, Misha Heber, Gabe Weininger, Sasha Heber) defeated, Rain City Fencing Alliance 45-29, Fortune Fencing 45-26, Hooked on Fencing 45-38, and Alliance Fencing Academy 45-29 before meeting the New York team in the final match. IFC’s team finished fourth in 2012.

IFC National Champion Epee Team

IFC’s National Champion Epee Team: Misha Heber (from left), Coach Ina Harizanova, Maciek Zmyslowski, Gabe Weininger, Sasha Heber.

IFC holiday epee schedule

Posted on: December 13th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

IFC will be open for epee practice as follows.

The week of 12/16: Monday (12/17) – 7:30-10pm, Thursday (12/20)- 7:30-10pm, Saturday (12/22) – 11:30am-1:30pm

The week of 12/23: Wednesday (12/26) – 6:15-8:30pm, Thursday (12/27) – 7:30-10pm, Friday (12/28) – 6:15-8:15pm, Saturday (12/29) – 9am-2pm

The week of 12/30: Wednesday (1/2) – 6:30-8:30pm, Thursday (1/3) – 7:30-10pm, Friday (1/4) – 6-8:15pm, Saturday (1/5) – 1-3pm

The week of 1/6: Monday (1/7) – 7:30-10pm, Thursday (1/10) – 7:30-10pm, Saturday (1/12) – 11:30am-1:30pm

It’s a very good amount of fencing considering Christmas and New Years fall on Mondays and Tuesdays, when we will be closed.

We’ll do a “New Year’s Special” epee tournament on Saturday 12/29 and head to Mrs. P’s for drinks and food after that.

IFC will be open for epee practice every Saturday until the end of March at the usual time of 11:30-1:30pm (1-3pm on 1/5).

IFC Preseason Update

Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

Summer Nationals

IFC fenced well at the Summer National Championships in Anaheim, CA. Maciek Zmyslowski finished 2nd in a field of 64 fencers (49 with an A classification) in the Division IA Men’s epee event, IFC’s Senior Men’s Epee Team (Maciek Zmyslowski, Misha Heber, and Gabe Weininger) finished 4th in a field of 43 teams, and Gabe Weininger finished 6th in a field of 214 fencers in Cadet Men’s Epee. Some of the action and fun was captured in this video https://vimeo.com/46948427 . Full results at http://usfencingresults.com/jul-sn/ .

2012-13 Fencing Season

IFC will be hosting its four historic tournaments this year — IFC Fall Open November 25, 2012; IFC Foil & Saber Challenge March 24, 2013; IFC Dominick Epee Challenge April 28, 2013; and IFC Youth tournament June 2, 2013 — plus a tournament for less experienced fencers on February 10. All are sanctioned by the Illinois Division of the United States Fencing Association. The tournament schedule has been posted on the Division website at http://www.il-usfa.com/p/2012-2013-schedule.html.

New USA Fencing Insurance Requirement

Insurance regulations now require that all IFC members, students, and fencing guests have a valid USFA membership. Noncompetitive memberships are available for $5 online at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Fencing/Membership/Individuals.aspx. Competitive memberships are $65.

Sign Up for IFC Membership

IFC’s membership year coincides with that of USA Fencing: August 1 through July 31. The membership application for the 2012-13 season can be found on the IFC website at http://www.ifcfencing.org/forms/IFC_membership_Application.pdf . The application form can be filled out on your computer and printed out. Dues remain at $195 ($100 for students). Bring the application form along with your check on your next visit to the club.

We are looking forward for another great season at IFC.  Due to the high interest in IFC’s Introduction to Fencing class for for children 7 to 12 years old, we added and additional class on Thursdays 5 to 6 pm. Adult classes meet on Tuesday evenings. Open fencing 7:30 – 10:00 pm Mondays and Thursdays and 11:30 am -1:30 pm on Saturdays.

Additional introductory class for kids

Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

Due to the high interest in IFC’s Introduction to Fencing class for  for children 7 to 12 years old, we are adding another class on Thursdays 5 to 6pm.  The fee is $80 for the six-class series. Visit the Youth Program page for more information.


IFC senior epee team 4th in Anaheim

Posted on: July 8th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

IFC’s lead epee team (Misha Heber, Gabe Weininger, Maciek Zmyslowski) placed 4th in the Senior Team Men’s Epee event at the 2012 Summer Nationals in Anaheim, CA. Seeded 10 of 45 teams, it defeated LA International FC B 45-39, LA International FC A 45-40, and Twin Cities FC 45-40 before losing 30-45 to 2nd place Ligonier FC fromPennsylvania.

Also competing in Anaheim were another IFC senior men’s epee team (Sasha Heber, John Lartz, David Zeko) finishing 37th, IFC’s  U-19 men’s epee team (Misha Heber, Sasha Heber, Gabe Weininger) finishing 35th out of 49 teams, and IFC’s Cognitive Functionaries, a veteran men’s epee team (Dick Dunlop, John Lartz, Mike Papp) finishing 15th out of 27 teams.

Epee team

IFC's senior men's epee team: Misha Heber, Gabe Weininger, Maciek Zmyslowski

New Collegiate Summer Membership

Posted on: June 11th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

IFC has added a membership category for collegiate fencers who would like to maintain or sharpen their fencing skills at IFC during the summer or who would just like to fence for fun.

The $45 membership runs from June 1 through August 31 for college students and high school seniors graduating this year. Members may participate in open fencing from 7:30-1o:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays and from 10:00am-1:00pm on Saturdays.

Sasha Heber 1st at Windy City tourney

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 by Bob Baldwin

IFC fencer Sasha Heber won the Youth 14 Mixed Epee event at the Windy City Fencing Youth and Open Tournament at Menomonee Club, Chicago on January 29th. Kathy Gaertner and Sammie Doro, both from IFC, finished 5th and 7th respectively.

IFC fencers finishing in the top eight in the Open Mixed Epee event were Misha Heber 3rd, Dave Zeko 5th, Gabe Weininger 6th, and Nate Wegbriet 8th.

Kathy Gaertner earned a US Fencing Association E rating in the competition and Nate Wegbreit rose to a D rating.

Six RYC Medals for IFC Fencers

Posted on: December 19th, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

Nine IFC fencers competed in six events and placed 11 times in top eight, with six top three placements in the Regional Youth Circuit tournament December 17-18, 2011 in Chicago.


IFC Veterans Compete in KC NAC

Posted on: December 11th, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin placed third and Dick Dunlop placed fifth in the 70+ Veteran Men’s Epee event at the North American Cup Tournament December 11, 2011 in Kansas City, MO. Baldwin is ranked fourth and Dunlop fifth in the national point standings for the event. Dave Swanson competed in two events: 50 Veteran Men’s Epee and Division II Men’s epee.

AJ Mikkelson 1st at Redstar Tourney

Posted on: October 16th, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

IFC fencer Alexander “AJ” Mikkelson won the Y12 mixed foil event at Redstar Fencing Club’s foil tournament October 16, 2011. Seeded 5th of 13 fencers after the first round, he defeated 2nd seeded Hannah Filby of Fencing Center of Chicago 2-0 in the gold medal bout. IFC fencer Kathy Gaertner placed 3rd of 8 fencers in the Y14 mixed foil event.

IFC Launches New Website

Posted on: October 2nd, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

Our new website IFCfencing.org is live. It is designed to give visitors a straightforward, easy-to-navigate view at IFC and provide members with latest club news and a picture gallery of member activities. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Send your comments to News@IFCfencing.org

Initial site content was put together by Bob Baldwin with significant photo and video input by Sammie Doro’s older sister Alix Doro and Larry Grazian. Future content will depend on member support. We will need photos of IFC members in fencing venues for the Gallery section of the website and tournament results and fencing related stories for the News section. Photos should be as large as possible for clear reproduction on the screen (pictures emailed from phone cameras are often too small to be used.) Email stories and photos to News@IFCfencing.org.

Site design and construction was carried out by John Siepl, Sips Web Design.

IFC finals repeat at Burton

Posted on: October 1st, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

IFC fencers faced off in the finals for the second consecutive year at the Burton Open to determine the winner of the mixed epee event October 1, 2011 at Northwestern University. Maciek Zmyslowski won the gold again, this time fencing Misha Heber. The score was 15-12. Last year, Zmyslowski fenced IFC’s Michael Slater for 1st place.

Carl Lyday placed 8th, earning an A classification. Gabe Weininger placed 10th. Bob Baldwin, Glenn Engstrom, Sasha Heber, Dave Swanson, and David Zeko were among the event’s 75 competitors in the A4 rated event. IFC competitors in other events were Sammie Doro and Kathy Gaertner in women’s epee and Frank Gonzalez and David Zeko in mixed foil.

IFC to Host Four Tournaments

Posted on: September 11th, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

We are scheduled to host four USFA sanctioned tournaments this season.

IFC Fall Open Tournament November 27, 2011: Senior Women’s Foil, Senior Mixed Foil, Senior Mixed Epee, and Senior Mixed Saber.

IFC Foil & Saber Challenge March 11, 2012: Y12 Mixed Foil, Senior Mixed Foil, Senior Mixed Team Foil, Y12 Mixed Saber, Senior Mixed Saber, Senior Mixed Team Saber.

IFC Dominick Epee Challenge April 22, 2012: Y12 Mixed Epee, Senior Women’s Epee, Senior Mixed Epee, Senior Mixed Team Epee.

IFC Youth Tournament June 3, 2012: Y10 Mixed Foil, Y12 Mixed Foil, Y14 Mixed Foil, Y12 Mixed Epee, Y14 Mixed Epee, Y12 Mixed Saber.

Engraved medals with the IFC logo will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. The winner of each event will fence for free in that event at the next IFC tournament.

Tournaments will be held at the Central Community Center, 1000 W Central Rd, Mt. Prospect, IL. The facility has locker rooms with showers, and bleachers for spectators.

Log on to askFred.net to learn more or register.

2011 National Championships, Reno

Posted on: July 18th, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

IFC fielded 14 youth and veteran fencers at the 2011 National Championships in Reno, NV. They fenced in 20 events. IFC qualified 17 youth fencers for the Summer Nationals, 9 of which competed in Reno. If there was an Iron Girl Trophy, it would have been won by Sammie Doro who fenced five events in six days. Check out the video of our youth team in the Gallery section of our website.

Our team included the following IFC fencers.

Bob Baldwin 70 Men’s Epee; Tony Coonrod U19 Men’s Foil; Sammie Doro U12 Women’s Epee, U14 Women’s Epee, U16 Women’s Epee, U12 Women’s Foil, U14 Women’s Foil; Dick Dunlop Veterans 70 Men’s Epee; Kathy Gaertner U12 Women’s Epee, U16 Women’s Epee, U12 Women’s Foil.

Tim Glass Veterans 50 Men’s Epee; Frank Gonzalez U12 Men’s Epee, U12 Men’s Foil; Len Grazian U16 Men’s Foil, U19 Men’s Foil; Misha Heber Div 1A Men’s Epee, IFC Senior Epee Team, U19 Men’s Epee, U16 Men’s Epee; Sasha Heber U14 Men’s Epee, U16 Men’s Epee.

IFC Senior Men’s Epee Team (Heber, Slater, Zmyslowski); John Lartz Veterans 50 Men’s Epee; Michael Slater IFC Senior Epee Team; Gabe Weininger U14 Men’s Epee, U16 Men’s Epee, U14 Men’s Foil, U16 Men’s Foil; Maciek Zmyslowski Div 1A Men’s Epee, IFC Senior Epee Team.

Three medals for IFC vets in Reno

Posted on: July 11th, 2011 by Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin finished in 3rd place and Dick Dunlop finished in 5th place in the Veteran’s 70+ Men’s Epee event on the last day of the 2011 USFA Summer National Championships, Reno, NV. Tim Glass finished 6th in the Veteran-s 50-59 Men’s Epee event.