IFC's Fencing Classes

Learn To Fence at IFC

IFC offers a wide range for fencing classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and competitive fencers. They are open to members and the public. Fencing equipment (jackets, gloves, masks, and weapons) is furnished free, however, most advanced students elect to buy their own equipment. All classes are held at Lions Recreation Center.

Youth Program ... go to schedule

The IFC Youth Program is athlete-centered with a holistic approach to student development. Its dual focus promotes athletic progress as well as personal growth. The club provides a fun and safe environment, so that participants can enjoy a gradual learning experience. The positive class atmosphere created by the coaches allows students to master the sport of fencing while learning self-awareness, the skills needed to appropriately navigate social interactions, life lessons about cooperation and competition, and how to handle winning and losing in a healthy manner. Our high school graduates move on to some prestigious universities such as Duke, MIT, Northwestern, and Purdue.

The program enters its 9th year after another successful season. With its four levels (Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), it offers opportunities for students interested in competing at the local and national level as well as fencing just for fun. The program is designed to be flexible and as such can change to better meet our young fencers' needs and interests. All three weapons are taught, with foil and epee being the main focus of the higher level classes.

Adult Program ... go to schedule

Fencing promotes physical fitness, balance, and coordination, and its fun. IFC offers an opportunity to learn what it is all about and try your hand at swordplay in a safe and friendly environment. We furnish all needed equipment: fencing jackets and masks and gloves and swords.

Competitors Clinic ... go to schedule

Every fencing season includes three periods: preparatory, competition, and transition. We offer a clinic, taught by Coach Ina, that addresses the main aspects of each stage.